Welcome to the Catchjournal for Langeland

When the year has gone, we will drawing lots and find the fish of the year among the 10 best reports of catches.

1. Price: Gift certificate at DKK 750,- (100,- Euro)
2. Price: Gift certificate at DKK 500,- (70,- Euro)

Rules for admission.

1. The fish must be brought to one of the harbours on Langeland, if it is caught from a boat - or been caught from the coast of the island.
2. The fish must be caught on rod and line.
3. Pictures send by mail, will only be returned if there is a stamped and addressed envelope.
4. The report must be send in, at latest 14 days after date of the catch.
5. At lack of space we ophole the rights to sort out the reports that contai´ns the smallest fishes, allthong it is our intensions to have the reports the whole year out.

Your report´s must contain:
1. Your name
2. Catch- or landingspot and date
3. The art of the fish
4. Weight and lenght
5. Fishing-tackle
6. A photo of the fish
7. Witness name

You can report your fish caught at / near Langeland here>>>>


Previous years' winners can be seen here>>>>

 Catch 2018: 

2018 Ninja Klapwijk

Name: Ninja Klapwijk - Date: 04. august 2018
Fish species: Cod
Weight: 11,0 Kg. - Lenght: 103 cm.
Fishing tackle: Rubber fish
From: Own boat

2018 Richard Ludema

Name: Richard Ludema - Date: 12. september 2018
Fish species: Cod
Weight: 15,5 Kg. - Lenght: 115 cm.
Fishing tackle: Rubber fish 180 gr.
From: Rented boat

2018 Mark Juretko

Name: Mark Juretko - Date: 1. oktober 2018
Fish species: Cod
Weight: 8,5 Kg. - Lenght: 98 cm.
Fishing tackle: Pirk
From: Own boat