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Angler store

Angelcentrum Langeland
Spodsbjergvej 299-301
5900 Rudkøbing

Fiskeri og Angeln
Spodsbjergvej 186
5900 Rudkøbing


Fyns Trolling klub
Præstevej 90
5210 Odense NV

Boat Rental

Alex Bootsverlei
Skattebøllevej 24
5953 Tranekær

IBI Bootsverlei
Postboks 325
5700 Svendborg


Billevænge Camping
Spodsbjergvej 182
5900 Rudkøbing

Færgegårdens Camping
Spodsbjergvej 335 (Lige overfor Havnen)
5900 Rudkøbing

Culture & Music Event

Halløj på Badehotellet
Spodsbjergvej 317
5900 Rudkøbing

Rue Mark


Dagli' Brugsen
Spodsbjergvej 327
5900 Rudkøbing

Spodsbjerg Fiskerihavn
5900 Rudkøbing

Diesel oil

Ole's olie
Damhusvej 16
5750 Ringe


Rudkøbing Apotek
Brogade 15
5900 Rudkøbing


Spodsbjerg Færgehavn
5900 Rudkøbing

Holiday Home Rental

Østergade 63B
5900 Rudkøbing

IBI Bootsverlei
Postboks 325
5700 Svendborg


Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort
Vognsbjergvej 4 B
5935 Bagenkop

Museerne på Skovsgård
Kågårdsvej 12
5900 Rudkøbing

Put & Take

Langelands Lystfiskersø – Put & Take
Slåvænget 9
DK5932 Humble

Spodsbjerg Lystfiskersø
Løkkeby Strandvej 8
5953 Tranekær


Havnepladsen 39
5900 Rudkøbing

Spodsbjerg Maskinværksted
Spodsbjergvej 239
5900 Rudkøbing


Spodsbjerg Badehotel
Spodsbjerg 317
5900 Rudkøbing


Turistforeningen Langeland
Torvet 5
5900 Rudkøbing

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Ports on Langeland

Bagenkop Harbor Ed 448X2155935 Bagenkop, Tlf. 62 56 18 61 mail:

Bagenkop Fishing- and yachting harbor welcomes all our sailing guest to good and safe surroundings with good mooring. The harbor is navigable night and day. Water The depth of the water is 3 m. At mean sea level.
There is washingroom, kitchen, living room and Internet café. Additional we have 10 bikes that can be borrowed for free from the deposit.

Dageløkke Harbor

Dagloekke 200X150

5953 Tranekær Tlf. 40 92 24 44

Dageløkke Harbour is a small port where you put on if you want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. The port has provided a "sailor room" available where the sailing guests and others can gather for a cozy togetherness, while enjoying views of the harbor and the water between Funen and Langeland.

Lohals Harbor 

Lohals 200X133

Havnen 5, 5953 Tranekær Tlf. 62 55 13 85

Lohals has a cozy environment with restaurants and a very popular marina. We are a popular sports fishing area, and for those who want to sea and fish, there are several hire a boat in Lohals.
Sydmolen in the old port is a total re-built new sailor and community center, new toilets, showers.
The house has got a new and better location, overlooking the marina, you can even planning to sail to the house in his dinghy and go directly to the house of a "Spanish Steps"
Lohals Harbour pleased to show the functioning lasting facilities forward, and look forward to and serve the new and old customers.

Ristinge Harbor

Ristinge Ed 448X200

5932 Humble, Tlf. 62 57 11 25

Ristinge is the smallest on Langeland, but perhaps the friendliest - you feel time has stood still here for many years. There are plenty of environment on the harbor - and the opportunity to buy fresh fish.

Rudkøbing Harbor

Rudkoebing 200X133

5900 Rudkøbing, Tlf. 63 51 62 70

Rudkøbing Harbour, is a borough municipal harbor, with many activities: Ferry, commercial port with slipway and a very fine marina with all facilities. Guest sailors will become a very informative brochure about the harbor.

Spodsbjerg Tourist boat harbor

 Spodsbjerg 1024X683

Spodsbjergvej 234, Tlf. 40 41 30 26

Spodsbjerg tourist boat harbor which has 180 berths offers our sailing guests some of the best conditions found where Denmark is at its most delightful. In addition to yachtsmen the harbor also appeals to anglers since it is located in one of Langeland's best fishing waters. We wish you a pleasant stay in Langeland's only east-facing port.

Strynø Harbor

Strynoe Ed 448X200

5900 Rudkøbing, Tlf. 63 51 62 70

Strynø is a small island, Rudkøbing municipality, about 3 miles SW of Rudkøbing.
The port, which has not been exposed to any great change over time, is located on the east side of the island. From Strynø there are daily connections with the ferry "Strynboen" to Rudkøbing.