From idea to reality

The east-facing marina

Few marinas in Denmark face east. Those that do usually have a fjord to protect them from the raging elements. But not Spodssbjerg. For many years, only fishermen, ferries and pilot boats sailed directly into the Great Belt from Spodsbjerg. The fishermen did so because there was direct access to good fishing areas; the ferries because the Zealand connections were close; and the pilots because this is where the long, difficult joumey through the Belt and the areas north of it starts.

In more than 30 years, was regularly talked about setting up a marina in Spodsbjerg, but each time got plans the same fate as a fad. Despite many good and less good suggestions ebbed presentations and various plans quickly.

In 1992, it should go quite different. In February 1992, a seminar in Rudkøbing on EU regional funds and the ability to get funds from the special Target 5B funds. The lecturer pointed out to the Assembly that the lack of any applications from Langeland. Then chairman of the technical committee Peter Hansen asked if there was an opportunity to a port for tourist sailors could be considered in which the speaker replied that it was very likely.

Immediately thereafter agree Mogens Pedersen A / S Nyborg in anticipation of preparing conceptual design of a marina located on the south side of Spodsbierg fishing.

In October 1992, after considering the made model studies at AUC in Aalborg's master plan clear and application for Measure 5B funds depart for Erhvervsfremmestyrelsen in Silkeborg.

In the spring of 1993 received positive feedback from the Danish Agency: Project "Spodsbjerg tourist boat harbor" within the framework of Objective 5B funds framework.

Be set up immediately a steering group with Peter Hansen as chairman. Group occupies negotiations with public and private institutions that might support the project financially. At the same time invite the steering committee five selected contractors to come up with a finished project.

After reviewing the five retail proposals to Spodsbjerg Tourist Marina elected Mogens Pedersen A / S Nyborg, to do the work.

At the same time negotiations on financial support for the project into the final phase. The construction budget will have the following form: EU grant of 3.6 million. kr., Spodsbjerg Ferry Bros Fund - 2.0 million, Funen County - one million, Rudkøbing municipality - 0.4, also admitted that a loan of Local Government mortgage at 5.0 million Total expenses excl. VAT - 12.0 million

In addition, 300,000, - kr. From Spodsbjerg Ferry Bros Fund in the capital of the newly formed foundation "Foundation Spodsbjerg Tourist Marina".

The money from Spodsbjerg Ferry Bros Fund, the county and the municipality made available as interest and installment loans. EU money is the interest rate subsidy.

In October 1993, made the first sod on the beach south of the fishing port of Peter Hansen. It was bad weather and windy that day. This would prove to be characteristic of a large part of the construction period.

There are plans to hand and opening the port in mid-May 1994, but already the end of March, it appears the plan is progressing with 14 days due bad weather. However, yesterday the construction of the corresponding harbor house, with facilities and port offices scheduled, here is held topping-out ceremony in early April. Most used words among craftsmen port builders and other guests on that occasion was "møgvejr".

May 1, 1994 will be signed employed as the port's first harbor. I was born and raised in Spodsbjerg, and before the job Harbour Master, I have fished from the fishing port for 13 years as an independent.

The same day the date of opening of the port set to 4 June 1994.

June 4, 1994, a festive day, Spodsbierg receiving the new port, with 180 berths. Spodsbjerg is dressed in finest garb. Civic association has chosen the day to present their new flag all, and 90 flag weighs in city streets. At exactly. 12:00 says five pilot boats into the brand new Spodsbjerg Tourist Marina. First pilot boat in the series pilot station just purchased "Stella Polaris". With perfect precision control the "Stella Polaris" in and stops, so passenger and pioneer for the whole enterprise Peter Hansen, could cut the ribbon and declare the port open. There are whole afternoon open house at the harbor and at the pilot station, moreover, you can try a ride in a pilot boats. What the open house at the harbor amounts to economic I will not divulge, but it will be swallowed about 1,000 liters of beer, and a place in the erected tent, where you can get something to eat, are impossible to get, even for the new harbor master .

Two years after the inauguration is that 80 boats for rent (four rental companies) to the new port, this along with many private permanent guests, makes the board decides to build another jollebro to 30 dinghies. Since most boats are angling boats that do not take on an expedition in the summer, it was decided that 25 of the largest pleasure craft spaces not rented fixed. Thus, the port is always room for some guests.

After 10 years. Pleasure fishing has stagnated somewhat. From having had four resident angler boats, we now have only one rental boats for fishing are still good. Especially in the months of May and September are booked up well. Our waiting list at one time stood at 38 is also brought down, today there are 10. The number of visiting yachts per. year is between 4000-4300.

Now, 21 years after opening the undersigned are still harbor master in Spodsbjerg Tourist Marina. Angling has again gone up, we have again two native boats that regularly takes expectant anglers on the belt to fish for cod or flatfish. The number of guests who bring their own boat on a trailer is almost exploded and the boat rental also reports that 2015 was the best year so far.
Overnight among yachtsmen is sadly in decline and in 2015 we had during 3000 visited us.
The harbor has recently established a new playground. Also our tank facilities has been renovated and moved further inwards on the quay.

December 2015

Harbormaster Jens Pedersen


Optog Ved Havneindvielsen 896X608

 Parade at marina opening


Lodsbaadene Indvier Havnen 896X608

 Pilot boats by opening the marina


Snoren Klippes 896X592

 Peter Hansen declared the marina open


Indvielsen 1994 896X608

From the opning in 1994