Langeland around by bike.

The Rose Branch in the South Fyn Archipelago

Welcome to Spodsbjerg and the island of Langeland. Don´t miss the chance to explore the island.

- So remember to get your bike on board, or rent one at the port office. -

You will find forests and beaches, manors and mills, ancient remains, medieval churches and an idyllic market town. The island is approximately 60 km long and 9 km wide. There is a bus to Rudkøbing and from Rudkøbing to Bagenkop in the south and Lohals in the north. The island is well-suited for bike trips and there is a hiking path that allows you to experience the island´s beautiful landscape on foot. The island has ferry connections from Spodsbjerg to Tårs on Lolland and from Rudkøbing to Marstal on Ærø and to Strynø. There are beautiful beaches all around the island, some of which are especially good for swimming, such as those by Ristinge, Spodsbjerg and Hov. The loveliest forests are in the north of the island; Stengade Forest in particular is worth a visit. Pubs and inns offer culinary experiences in Tranekær, Tullebølle, Spodsbjerg, Lindelse, Kædeby, Humble and Bagenkop.

There is a lot of woodland around Tranekær. Tranekær is also home to the island´s castle - once a fortress and later home of the count of Langeland, who owned much of the island. The castle is private property, but you can walk around it and visit the park with its surprising land-art sculptures (TICKON), see the castle village´s many old timber-frame houses, and visit Slotsmøllen, a big old windmill.

There are interesting exciting attractions in the southern part of the island. Skovsgaard manor is owned by the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, and follows the principles of organic agriculture. Here you will find nature guides and museums, for example in the castle that dates back to 1885, where one can see how the servant girls lived when there were masters and servants.

Farther south you will find Langeland Fortress. Today it is a Cold War museum where visitors can see the once top-secret bunkers and much more, such as fighter jets and one of Denmark´s last submarines.

Rudkøbing is the island´s only market town. This is where the larger convenience stores are located, as well as many small specialist stores. Østergade is the town´s pedestrian street, where the inhabitants shop. Rudkøbing is a beautiful old town with well-preserved houses and streets. It also has a cinema, various restaurants and two branches of the Langeland Museum. In July the town hosts the Langeland Festival. This is a popular music festival generally attended by 25,000 or more people.

The harbour is divided into five areas: the ferry harbour, the commercial harbour, the fishing harbour and a new and old marina.

From Rudkøbing there is a view of the 1962 Langeland Bridge. It leads to Siø and from there to Tåsinge and Svendborg.

Apart from the marina and the fishing harbours in Spodsbjerg, there are harbours for visiting sailors in Lohals, Dageløkke, Bagenkop and Rudkøbing.

Do you want to know more about Langeland, then visit: the tourist agency

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Pictures from Langeland

"Lauelaai æ lau aa smal,

op aa ne i Bakke, Dal,

syv Mil lau aa een Mil bre,

Haali på Risti rej´n vi´tte mæ."

Those are the words of the old Langeland poem. This tells indirectly about the island's creation. 55 km adorable idyll of forests, beaches and many hat hills.

The photos were taken in 2009

The images can be downloaded, at reproduction, we still like source: stated.



Ticon 261X394

Kunstværk fra kunst og kulturparken TICKON i Tranekær

Skovsgaard 180X126

Manor Museum Skovsgård

Springeren 400X302

The submarine "Springeren" is exhibited at the museum Langelandsfort

Langelandsfestivalen 1024X770