Fishing's paradise

The east side of Langeland is a fisherman's paradise. Along the coast there are many good opportunities to catch trout and in the Belt, there are plenty of cod. Many of them of considerable size. But there are also good opportunities to catch flatfish and - at the right time - garfish.

However, it is cod, draws most anglers. And especially from Germany, many anglers come to catch the big fish.

One of them is Dietmar Zischkale from Dülmen. See his report her>>>>



Boat hire & boat trips

Fishing and Spodsbjerg are naturally connected. It is also here in the Langeland Belt that you will find on of the best fishing areas. For that reason there are many firm for boat rental. This firm you will find below. You also find some boats for Seefishing.

Sportsfishing in Denmark requires a license. It costs Dkk. 185,- for one year, DKK. 130,- for one week and DKK. 40,- for a day. Licenses can be obtained in the harbour office.

If the weather is bad you can try your luck in a 20.000 sq.m Put & Take lake, just north of the harbour.

Angler DVD 2014 

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IBI Boat Rentals

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Fishing trip:

M/S "Kirsten"

M/S "Felix"

M/S "Drost"


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